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"The True Jesus" Year-Long Daily Devotional Series Intentional Bible Study
There are a lot of misconceptions in the world about who Jesus truly is. In this series, I take you through the four Gospels chronologically, discussing points along the way to show who Jesus really is, what He came to do, and who He came to save.

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If you find yourself reading your Bible but not getting as much out of it as you'd like, try searching for answers to these three questions as you read:

1. What attributes of God are seen in this Scripture?

2. How does this Scripture relate to Jesus Christ and/or the law of God?

3. What from this Scripture can be used to praise and pray to God?
My Personal Bible Study Journal Name 5 Bible Game
View my personal journal of notes I made while studying various books of the Bible. I have only recently started to do this but I will update it periodically. Click on a section of the Bible to view my journal from those books: Poetry Prophets Letters Click here to download instructions for the Name 5 Bible Game that I have created and play it with your church, friends, or family to strengthen your knowledge of the Bible!

Old Daily Devotion & Monthly Article Archive
Archived devotions and articles can be found below. Articles are listed in the left column, while devotions are listed in the two right columns (sorted either by book/section of the Bible or by month).

Important: Read this before you continue!
In the years since these devotions and articles were written, God has been at work in me, growing me spiritually and leading me into a deeper understanding of His Word. As a result, there are some ideas put forth within these archived devotions and articles that I have now come to understand as being incorrect. As time allows, I hope to go through this archive and remove anything that is incorrect. However, I am not sure when I will have the time to do that. For now, proceed and read with caution and discernment, and if you read anything that you have a question or concern about, please contact me using the "send feedback" link above!
Feature Articles

August 2010 (10 Atypical Arguments for Christianity)
July 2010 (Life Lessons from the Israelites: "God Warns a Nation")
June 2010 (Life Lessons from Jehonadab: "A Father's Integrity")
May 2010 (Life Lessons from Hannah: "A Mother's Prayers")
April 2010 (Life Lessons from Jesus: "News for Non-Believers")
March 2010 (Life Lessons from Elijah: "Praying for a Purpose")
February 2010 (Life Lessons from David: "Lust and Love")
January 2010 (Life Lessons from Noah: "A New Beginning")
December 2009 (Feature: "People of the Nativity")
November 2009 (Feature: "A Thankful Heart")
October 2009 (Feature: "A Prayer-Centered Life")

Older Articles:
To Whom Does Your Money Belong? (07/05/09)
A Proverbs 31 Woman (07/05/09)
Love and Discipline Are Not Mutually Exclusive (07/05/09)
Living the Simple Life (04/17/09)
HWJD: How Would Jesus Drive? (04/17/09)
Is Faster Always Better? (04/17/09)
Why Live Longer? (04/17/09)
Attributes & Timing of the Antichrist (04/17/09)
True Freedom (03/02/09)
Living the Joyful Life (02/08/09)
The Purpose of Prayer (01/12/09)
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