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Forecast Overview: No wintry weather is in the forecast at this time.

Details: (Posted at 7 PM on Thursday 3/5) This winter storm--what little it was, for Southside--is pretty much over. I really thought the changeover to wintry precipitation would take place earlier in the day than it did, but the advancing cold air just seemed to stall out for a while and never fully made it into Southside before the precipitation started winding down. Uncertainties about how quickly the cold air would arrive is what made this such a difficult forecast all along. From a meteorologist's point of view...I am thankful we don't have to deal with systems like these very often, because they are tricky indeed! I am also thankful for the tools and knowledge that God has given to us to help us forecast the weather, because as I look back at this winter as a whole, forecasters and computer models did a pretty good job overall, at least once we got within 2-3 days of an impending winter storm.

Website updates will become much less frequent now as we begin to head into spring. There are no more winter weather threats in store for this winter, unless there is a major change in what the models are predicting. We'll be cold for another 36 hours or so--expect lows in the teens tonight, highs in the 30s on Friday, and lows in the teens again Friday night--then a much warmer air mass will take over and stick around for a while. Starting on Saturday and continuing for the foreseeable future, look for highs to primarily be in the 50s and 60s each day, with lows mainly in the 30s.

I want to thank each of you who visited my website this winter, and I want to thank God for the talents He blessed me with in this regard. I hope my website has been helpful to you and a blessing to you as well. I was excited to find that, after a few years of having somewhat lower numbers of website visitors, the number of visitors seems to once again be on the increase. On February 24 and 25, this website received about 3,100 visitors each day! Those two days now rank 6th and 8th all-time. (March 5 could make that list as well depending on what happens between now and midnight.) So, I want to give a special thank you to those of you who have spread the word about this website to others. It's been a fun winter (at least once we got into February) and I look forward to "seeing" all of you back here again next winter!
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Take a moment to check out "WMHS-8 / Staples Weather" for local weather forecasts by an aspiring local weatherman who reminds me of myself about 15 years ago. (Time sure goes by fast, doesn't it?)

School Forecast
School Fri
Henry County 70% 90% 90%
Martinsville City 80% 90% 90%
Carlisle School 80% 90% 90%
PHCC 80% 90% 90%
Patrick County 50% 90% 90%
Franklin County 50% 90% 90%
Rockingham Co. 80% 90% 90%
Danville City 80% 90% 90%
Pittsylvania Co. 70% 90% 90%
Percentages reflect my forecast for the chance that these regional schools and school systems will be open. School holidays are not taken into account; this is solely based on the weather forecast.
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