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Forecast Overview: Expect very cold temperatures through the weekend. Light snow is possible Friday morning, and there is also a chance of snow or a wintry mix early next week.

Details: (Posted at 7 AM on Wednesday 2/10) The big story for the next 5-6 days will be the very cold temperatures. Between Wednesday 2/10 and Monday 2/15, expect highs to primarily be in the 30s, with lows primarily in the teens. There will also be some periods with windy conditions, especially this weekend. Sunday morning, in particular, could feature wind chills at or below zero.

A little light snow is possible Friday morning as a system develops off the coast. Precipitation amounts from this system will be very light, but any snow that does fall will accumulate quickly, because the ground will be so cold. Accumulations should range from nothing to a dusting, and perhaps as much as an inch, though I would be surprised to see that much.

Things are starting to look more interesting as we look toward the first part of next week. The latest computer models are indicating a more potent storm system that is likely to impact the area from late Monday into Tuesday morning. The down side is that more potent systems generally bring more warm air with them, which means this may still be an all-snow event but it could also turn out to be a wintry mix.
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Martinsville, Virginia, weather forecast

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Henry County 80% 40% 60%
Martinsville City 80% 40% 60%
Carlisle School 80% 40% 60%
PHCC 80% 50% 70%
Patrick County 80% 30% 60%
Franklin County 80% 40% 60%
Rockingham Co. 80% 40% 60%
Danville City 80% 40% 60%
Pittsylvania Co. 80% 40% 60%
Percentages reflect my forecast for the chance that these regional schools and school systems will be open. School holidays are not taken into account; this is solely based on the weather forecast.
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