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7 Part Bible Studies are short, to-the-point Bible studies focused on a certain topic. The goal is to share God's truth in a clear, easy-to-understand manner while hopefully sparking your desire to dive deeper into God's Word. (click here to view)

Longer Bible Studies cover topics in much more detail, with short daily readings. (click here to view) Currently available:
  • The True Jesus: There are a lot of misconceptions about who Jesus truly is. This year-long series goes through the gospels to show who Jesus is and what He came to do.
  • Bible Lessons for Children: This 180-part series of short Bible stories shows young children how the entire Bible is one continuous story, and how everything in both Old and New Testaments points toward our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Theological Short Stories are planned for the future, where a topic is explored within the context of a storyline. (inspired by Dr. Richard Belcher's "Journey" book series) (click here to view)

Other Pamphlets don't fit into one of those categories but are one-page, front-and-back, and stuffed full of Scripture passages. Topics include "Are You Saved?", "Encounters with God", and a brief history of the Protestant Reformation. (click here to view)
Why Study the Bible?
The Bible isn't a self-help book. It is written to us from God so that we might know Him. The more we read it, the better we'll know and understand our great God. The more we share Bible truth with others, the more glory we bring to God.

Intentional Bible Study:
Search for answers to these questions as you read Scripture:
  1. What attributes of God are seen in this Scripture?
  2. How does this relate to Jesus and/or the law of God?
  3. What can I use to praise God and pray to Him?

Did you know people were killed for translating the Bible into English? Owning an English Bible was once illegal. In our modern-day comforts, we have become woefully ignorant of our past. Click here to learn about the Protestant Reformation.

Name 5 Bible Game: Play it with your church, friends, or family to strengthen your Bible knowledge! Click here for instructions.

Questions? Comments?
Confused about something in the Bible? Unsure of where you stand before God? Click here to contact me with questions!